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What is Zumba?

Zumba is latin inspired fitness workout that combines high energy and new upbeat latin music with unique choreographed routines that allows you to dance away and burn 600-900 calories. It?s an exciting cardio workout that will get you hooked! Best of all you will achieve long-term health benefits. Be prepared to sweat!


Do I need any previous dance experience?
No!! Zumba is for everyone! Zumba was designed for people with all different levels of fitness experience.

What if I'm not coordinated and I can't dance?
Zumba is not a dance class. It is a group fitness class that utilizes basic dance steps into a fun cardio-respiratory workout. The moves are so fun you get the feeling as though you are dancing than participating in an hour fitness class. The songs are repeated for 6-8 weeks so the more you come to class the more you learn the moves.  All the movements are easy to follow.  The instructor verbally cues the class and instructs you on how to do the moves!


What can  expect when I attend a class?
FUN! SMILES! FULL OF ENERGY! The first class that you will take will be filled with smiles. In addition you will learn many styles of latin dance such as Samba, Salsa, Merengue, Cumba, Calypso, Reggaeton, Axe, and much more!!

What to bring?
Water! And maybe a towel (expect to get sweat)

What to wear?
Comfortable workout clothing with tennis shoes that you will be able to manuever during twisting motions!

What is the meaning of X?
The meaning of "X" = Little extra nothing more than just making a difference. A little extra to make things better than the person next to you. A little extra will make a huge different. Little extra.


Caroline says:
Think you guys might need a bigger studio yet AGAIN! I am super happy and excited for things to come. You guys freakin ROCK!!!! :o)


Jammin' Jasmine says:

OMG I have never had so much fun with a group of gals before, this is my first time but definitely won't be my last time coming!


Side Steppin' Sally:

Julie, you are the best! My body is now capable of things it was never meant and my BF's are lovin' it!!!



Ok my testimonial may not be as flowery as the ones provided by the ladies. But all I know is that after only a few short weeks, my friends affectionately refer to me as "Hottie-Toddie".



After seeing Hottie-Toddie's testimonial, I decided to give things a try. For only $5/session and flexible time to fit my busy schedule - I am your forever now!

J.J. says:

Hello StudioX,
I have attended several Zumba classes and Saturday's House Dance and I must honestly say, "I am having a good 'ol time!"  Each time, I leave StudioX, I leave in positive spirits and full of energy.  I also must say, each time I enter the studio, there is definitely a pozitivevybe bouncing off the mirrors (smile). Everyone (staff wise) has been very pleasant and welcoming.  I enjoy StudioX because it isnt all "fufu" like most gyms. It's basic...yet classy. Hey, all you need is a nice floor, pumpin' music, a clean/large mirror and great instructors. StudioX definitely is the complete package! to all the StudioX staff, keep up the good work!Keep movin', luv2u.