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(888) 858-8279 Rockville MD 20850

The Hair & Nails Beauty Salon Welcomes You!

Hair & Nails Beauty Salon is your top rated neighborhood "feel good about yourself shop" in the heart of the Rockville Maryland 20850. It's near courthouse, library, restaurants, shopping centers, Metro, and cinema theaters. We have plenty of free parking and located right next to Rockville Interiors.


Beauty salon store     
Tuesday - Friday

Get to know us!

We are a team of highly experienced professionals with a "magic" touch that comes from Brazil, a source of natural beauty. The natural beauty that is present in that exotic land, its culture and its women is our constant source of inspiration and determination to bring out the best in you.

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(888) 858-8279

6 West Middle Lane Rockville,
MD 20850, United States




Permanent Make-Up

Intradermal pigmentation is the method of applying Micro Insertions of natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. This technique is medically proven and designed to be completely safe.


Hair Types

We have qualified professionals that know how to do all types of hair, whether it's straight, frizzy, curly or African American.