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Fast, reliable, guaranteed results:

Website design & development - no contracts! Below is a list of a few friends and clients who enjoy our services and have agreed to have us use them as reference.

Website hosting - $0, $70, 80, or $90 per month plans. Below are a list of clients who value our web hosting solution:

Search Engine Marketing Solutions (SEO) - we put you on the FIRST page of google search results, guaranteed! Below are partners that use us for search engine marketing:

    Subscribes to our custom tailored $2400/month premium platinum plan. This is our top of the line service. We perform market analysis using tools to study real customer search trends and use real human minds to predict search terms that are likely to be searched for based on your industry. Exhaustive efforts are taken on a daily basis help Assure a minimum of 100 unique visitors to the website and approximately 10 new calls per day from customers seeking cellular phone repair services. Each caller with a potential purchase bill of $80-$250. Bringing in an additional revenue of $5250 per month for the company with a spending budget of $2400 per month. The company has made its return on the investment and we do not charge them on returning customers.
    Although this is our entry level membership of $400 per month plan. We have had success in generating an average of 3.5 new visitors per day. New clients submit request for work ranging anywhere between $250 to $5000 per job on average.
    Another smaller and budget conscious client who subscribed to basic SEO services to build internet traffic from ZERO hits per month to target toward 5 unique visitors per day.
    This client formerly subsribed to contract subscription with chainfranchise marketing programs. The owner didn't want to be locked into a program that didnt' generate the results he was looking for. will provide the solutions desired.

    This client wanted someone to help sell his super expensive computer.