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(mowing of lawns, path clearance, tree surgery, pruning and weeding, etc.)
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I have no words to describe how much I love nature and my garden is the only beautifying my home, brings pure air. I really enjoyed the service done in my garden and am now vip customer lol more...


My dog ran away when I traveled for 2 days and left my garden like a war zone! I would not have more as the last hope to recover and hired the services of gardening notes and the result was 1000! It was wonderful, I am very grateful for the work and now I know who to trust! more...


I got married to my wife two months and charged me a garden, she loves flowers, loves nature. So resovi make a garden in front of the field. As I am not a professional gardener hired and until I liked the result. Focused very beautiful. Now I can say I love flowers lol. Not because it's my home, but it was really good. I loved it and my wife even more! Thank you. more...

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If you are in need of professional gardening services, then we can help transform your outdoor space into an elegantly designed living space, We are specialists gardening services providers offering a wide range of services ranging from landscaping to building beautifully designed gardens. We have provided gardening services for gardens of all shapes and sizes. We use a simple approach of designing and maintaining gardens based on client requirements. We listen carefully to our clients to determine the exact needs before we are put to the test of producing a garden that is not only beautiful to look at, but also practical and functional in its use.

We offer a wide variety of services to achieve a high quality design. Our services are for both residential and commercial property and include: General garden maintenance of your property including - mowing of lawns, path clearance, tree surgery, pruning and weeding. Landscape Gardening, including - Detailed soft and hard garden design, plants placement and selection, border design and more Hard Landscape gardeningin your property – We provide a professional service in installing ponds and water features, construction of pat ways, construction of patios, construction of fencing and more.

Professional Garden Design- A dedicated design service to change or implement a brand new design for your garden. We have served many customers over the years to service gardens and many of our customers return to us for further work on their property. We strive towards ensuring customer satisfaction and as a result, we have developed strong business growth as a result of customer recommendation. Contact us to have a free consultation to get started with your plans. We will be happy to spend time with you to help you choose the correct gardening needs to achieve the best results.